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Complimentary limited edition gift box is included with the purchase of any Record High snapback, making sure your hat(s) are delivered protected and in style.

About Us

Record High Apparel is an emerging luxury streetwear brand known most notably for their snapback hats. The items start out with sourcing deliberate fabrics that maximize comfortable and atheistic allowing for a perfectly clean canvas to further design upon.
The offerings of Record High's collection are branded with crisp clean concepts that are minimal in effect but the use of untraditional materials is what gives the brand is unique contribution to fashion. The incorporation of alloy and metal logos in place of traditional embroidery for logo implementation is just one example of how Record High's vision of apparel is looking to position itself as a high fashion brand and hoping these details are admired by consumers and connoisseurs who seek unique style offerings that will differentiate them from the norm. 


"I felt that the headwear apparel industry was lacking in terms of choices and comfort for my needs and this sentiment was also reinforced after talking amongst other hat aficionados.
From the ground up I wanted to right all the aesthetic and comfortability grievances I had with the hats I had worn over the decades that would be too hot causing sweat stains or give me a headache from the materials it was constructed from.
It was only on the premise If I could successfully solve these problems would I embark on taking my idea and form it into a product for sale. The concepts to improve the exterior glistening look, use lighter-weight materials to increase ventilation and implement comfortable plush sweatbands, were achieved after a year of research and development. I know had the confidence to know that there was tangible proof I could create a better hat. It is now my goal share these creations with consumers and bring awareness that an elevated standard in headwear apparel in now in store for everyone to enjoy." 

Jash Negandhi 
Record High, LLC
Founder / Designer

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